Annual meeting and Presentation

Please join your board for our annual meeting on Saturday December 28th at 4:30pm at the Enfield NH Community Center. Board member Len Reitsma will present his work on managing his forest for avian habitat. We hope to see you there!


Avian Community Response to Group-Selection Harvest on an American Tree Farm in West-central New Hampshire



Len Reitsma and Kelsey Pangman

Plymouth State University

Saturday 4:30PM, December 28 2019, Enfield Community Center

Many species of birds rely upon disturbance that creates early successional plant structure. Our research documents the bird community response to an experimental group-selection harvest that created small openings in a forest canopy. Our work chronicles the community prior to the harvest and for seven years after it.  The change in the diversity of the community was measured with standard censuses, and the reproductive success of marked individuals of selected species was documented. The results have important implications for the role forestry can play in both increasing and sustaining bird diversity in New England forests, particularly on American Tree Farms.  

Kelsey Pangman                                                                    

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