Trail Cleanup and Invasive Assassination

Three members of the MWCC and one volunteer met on Sunday August 20th, 2017 for a trail maintenance and invasive species removal party. Len attacked the Scotch Pine population that is invading the sand pit area, while Alice, Elizabeth, and I focused on opening up the trails around the Switch Road access. The three of us later joined Len to help with the cleanup of his project and noted that he had cut down easily 25+ trees. While this was the bulk of the trees, sadly there are still more that need a visit from a chainsaw. That said the property looks much better. In addition to this work the MWCC is getting bids for the replacement of the hemlock on the bridge off Switch Road, as it is rotting apart. We hope to have someone contracted to complete the replacement by year end. Stay tuned for further developments.

In addition, as a follow up to the previous post. The Stephen Long presentation was a complete success! Over 50 people attended his wonderful presentation, and he did manage to sell most of the books he had brought with him. Thanks Stephen for the great job!

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