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Your smartest and safest backup manager is right here! UBackit can manage your file backup, partition backup, disk image, and file migration intelligently and automatically.

Available for Microsoft Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7

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One-Stop Data Backup Features

Perform file backup, partition backup, file migration, and disk image with Wondershare UBackit to avoid data loss and file corruption conveniently.
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Backup Files

Backup plentiful file types such as photos, videos, documents, programs, etc.
backup your files

Backup Partition

Backup your D/E/F partition data effectively and efficiently in one click.
back up your partition

Disk Image

Easily create a disk image if the hard drive symptomatically gets corrupted.
back up your disk image

File Migration

Transfer files between PC in absolute safety to avoid privacy disclosure.

Explore More Smart Backup Tips!

UBackit is a user-friendly data backup software with smart backup tips and an exquisite interface.
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Incremental backup
Back up the only changed files to increase backup efficiency for 80%.
Real-time backup
Backup files in real-time mode to eliminate every insecure factor.
Automatic backup
Set Auto Backup to backup daily, weekly, monthly, or even non-stop.
Backup notification
Remind you to backup unscheduled tasks intelligently and automatically.
Storage monitoring
Estimate the remaining disk space to provide a backup suggestion.
Virus detection
Deeply scan the backup environment to prevent computer viruses or threats.

Restore Files to Your Desired Version

You are faced with an irreversible data crash after a series of messy operations. Don’t worry! UBackit will help you restore your files to the perfect version accurately.
Restore files to the last version in 3 simple steps conveniently.
Preview files to confirm the history version accurately.
Clearly View documents, photos, audios, videos and etc.
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Backup&Restore Files in Efficient 2 Clicks

Backup your files, photos, videos audios, documents, and programs smartly and effortlessly! Check for the almighty backup functions of Wondershare UBackit!

We're Trusted & Recognized Globally

UBackit is becoming a favorite of mine. I needed to restore a file I deleted a few weeks ago and it worked perfectly. It was easy to backup, and the interface looks so great and simple to use, so I didn't have to look at the manual and figure out what to do. Great product!

Definitely the best investment ever! I am a YouTuber and my subscribers expect me to produce multiple videos within this week. I couldn't have afforded to lose vital video clips. Wondershare UBackit has saved me countless times and efforts! Thank you!!!

I have successfully created a disk image through Wondershare UBackit. This backup copy helps me avoid symptomatic computer corruption and crash. I am so grateful for the efficient backup tool. And recommend all my friends to use the app.
See What Our Users Ask Frequently
Disk image helps to create a disk holding the same data and settings as the old disk. So, it will be helpful in changing a new PC or when you are faced with hard drive corruption.
The file migration function can help you to transfer files between PC and PC in absolute safety. If you have some confidential documents, photos, videos, or audio need to be transferred between computers. You can start using UBackit file migration software. Other people cannot open your files on the storage device without your UBackit account and password.
Wondershare UBackit backup software use off-site storage, all your private data is kept only on local disk and hard drives. In addition, Wondershare UBackit leverages an encryption algorithm, prevent your backup files to be accessed by any other software.
The backup schemes Wondershare UBackit currently supports are real-time backup, full backup, and incremental backup. A full backup is used in the first backup, and the following scheduled backups are incremental backups, which is faster and saves more local storage. As for real-time backup, it helps to keep data at absolute security. Any change can be backed up.
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